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Wuxi Hongguang Electronic Limited by Share Ltd.founded in 1997, is a professional power integrated circuits and high power semiconductor device packaging, testing enterprises.


Our company has an excellent and efficient technology and production management team, and pay attention to technological innovation and product development, in cooperation with domestic famous university for the national key research projects, joint development of new power electronic devices and high power.


Semiconductor packaging, testing equipment company has the domestic first-class, mainly the production of power integrated circuit, high power bipolar power devices, VDMOS devices, IGBT devices, silicon carbide devices and other high-end products, rich experience for many years the production of VDMOS, IGBT devices, batch production TO-251, TO-252, TO-262, TO-263, TO-220, TO-220F, TO-247, TO-3PN, TO-3PL (TO-264), the current annual output of 500000000 (block), is the domestic power device package outline the most high-tech enterprises.


With the development of national environment to further improve the integrated circuit products, promote the steady growth of the industry, as well as warmer international, China semiconductor market, with the new Sanban listed companies the opportunity.

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